Praetor Education Technology

Welcome to the new Praetor Education Technology eLearning site!

This is an up-and-coming elearning site.


We learn by doing, that is why we aim to put a lot of H5P interactive content on the site.

If you are a teacher you can learn more about it on the H5P site.


Content is the keyword. What does a well designed site help if there is no content? We have designed this site in such a way that it will be easy for us to add content and easy for you to access it.

Mobile friendly

This site is designed to be user-friendly on any system: desktop, tablet or smartphone - try it out!

Simple to use

Simplicity is the watchword. Does the site look very simple? Well, that was our aim!


The menu on the left is a collapsible menu which will give you access to all content. On mobile devices it collapses to a hamburger menu.

We trust that you will find this site helpful and will enjoy using it.